*** New *** Smart Bypass - Attiny Controlled Relay Bypass Kit

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Smart Bypass - Attiny Controlled Relay Bypass Kit
Designed with reliability and durability in mind The Smart Bypass is a rock solid bypass solution. It comes with everything you need including the pre-programmed Attiny chip and a high quality footswitch.

"The Smart ByPass has been designed with a “smart” pre-programmed ATTINY chip at its core and covers almost everything you could want in a bypass solution. This kit comes with everything you need to build the Smart ByPass, including a preprogrammed chip, making its construction for you simply a matter of soldering!"

Whats Included?
The PCB and all components listed on the bill of materials including the footswitch. A pre-programmed attiny digital chip makes this kit simply a matter of soldering. Note that R2 is the current limiting resistor for the LED and you may want to change this value to effect the brightness of the status LED (stay within 1k-1k5 range).

PCB Dimensions: approx 42mm x 33mm

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