(+Free 3pdt PCB) ***new*** Oil Tanker Fuzz


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***new*** Oil Tanker Fuzz (+free 3pdt PCB Promo)

+ Free 3pdt PCB!! (while stocks last)

!!! This is a pcb only project !!!

Sometimes, bass players want something to pull them out of the mix and do something different. Sometimes the guitar player wants to play clean or solos and there isnít a rhythm guitarist to back him up, leaving the bass player to fend for himself. The Oil Tanker Fuzz fits the bill! If you want nice beefy explosive fuzz that makes your bass sound like an oil tanker scraping up on concrete, give this pedal a shot. This pedal is based around several fuzz pedal ideas and focuses on bass delivery for stage and recording-mix scenarios. The pedal uses 3 pot controls: Volume, Tone, and Fuzz. Beginner friendly; be sure to watch the build video below for the Oil Tanker to get an idea of how simple this build can be.

PCB Sizing: 1590B enclosure or larger

Build Doc and Schematic

Oil Tanker Videos