Berserker Fuzz - A Factory of Fuzz

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Difficulty: Intermediate

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Berserker Fuzz - A Factory of Fuzz

The Berserker Fuzz is a vertible factory of fuzz. Another easy one for beginners this fuzz circuit does not require biasing or a power inverter.

Dimensions: 90mm x 18mm
PCB Sizing 1590b enclosure or larger

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•   Add 6m of wire
The right gauge and type of wire can make pedal building a lot easier! Add 1 meter length of wire of each of these 6 colours: red, black, green, yellow, white and blue (total of 6 meters). Enough to wire up at least 1 pedal but probably more like 2!

•   Germanium Transistor Set
Measured germanium transistor set selected for this project

•   Mono Jacks (2 of)
!! Due to stock scarcity Nuetrik mono jacks may be sent in place of lumberg mono jacks !!
"Compact Mono Jacks (2of)" include 2 Lumberg compact mono jacks with your kit. These jacks are small in size, a good choice for tight builds and beginners but can be used for any build. Please note you will need a stereo jack if you plan to power your effect with a battery. (Stereo jacks are available in the hardware section of this store).

•   Miniature DC Jack
These DC jacks are very small and are suitable for any build not using a battery / battery switching. Especially good for 1590a builds as they are compact in size!

•   Knobs
Davies 1900H Clone Knob

What else do i need to complete this project?

You will need an enclosure and a 3pdt footswitch to complete this project, if you order all available kit component options above.

Bill of Materials & Build Guide

Berserker Fuzz Videos

Berserker Fuzz - Build Report

Berserker Fuzz - Sound Demo