10 Min Amp

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Difficulty: Beginner

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10 Min Amp

An incredibly simple pocket-sized amp, capable of up to 7 watts of power! The 10 Min Amp is the perfect first amp build, and suitable for the following types of projects:

• Cigar Box Amps

• Speaker box Amps

• Bedroom Practice Guitar Amp Head

A quick look at some of the features of the 10 Min Amp:

• Simple to assemble

• Incredibly Loud

• No high voltage wiring

• Good cleans and plays well with distortions

• Accepts a wide range of input voltages (battery or dc, 9v - 18v dc)

• Accepts 4 and 8 ohm speaker impedances

Adding a boost circuit and EQ / Tone Control to the front of the amp increases its versatility and volume output significantly and is a recommended addition to your amps input signal chain.
Please see the 10 Min Amp Assembly Video for more details.

PCB Sizing: 1590b enclosure (pcb vertical mount) or larger

*** Base price is for PCB only, please select kit options above to order kit components

Kit Options

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Component Kit

PCB Components includes all of the components listed on the Bill of Materials including the following (DC power input only):
• Resistors and Capacitors
• diodes
• Power amp IC
• Wire
• Potentiometer
• input and output jacks
• DC jack

What else do i need to complete this project?

You will need an enclosure (also available on the store) and a M3 screw and nut to complete this project, if you order the standard kit component option above. You will also need a knob for the volume control. Any additional hardware or components for the headphone modification (not included).

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10 Min Amp Videos

Assembling a 10 Min Amp