1590b Universal Drill Template

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1590b Universal Drill Template

Drilling can be a frustrating step in the guitar pedal construction process. This drill template is a tool to help improve your accuracy, speed and repeatability during this step of the process.

The drill template is also pretty adaptable and can be used in combination with a paper printed template or on its own for your own designs, small pedal runs, one off vero builds, etc

This template layout assumes a "no battery" configuration (see pilot hole diagram below), however as it is made from hard plastic, new drill holes can easily be added for additional 3pdt / LED positions if space for a battery is required.

It also includes multiple positions for in and out audio jacks, leds, dc power (top and side mounted), and potentiometers.

Side Slots: Use a metal ruler or combination square to accurately mark a line down the side of the enclosure.

This drill template fits most Standard 1590b enclosures. (a small amount of space is present to account for different enclosure manufacturers tolerances).

Yellow Arrows = Audio Jacks
Orange Arrows = LEDS
Blue Arrow = 3pdt Footswitch
Purple Arrows = DC Power Jack
Green Area = Potentiometers