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**new** Lich King - BBD Chorus

Note: This is a pcb only project. PCB color may vary

Crisp, clear, unmistakable, chorus modulation; the Lich King Chorus is a redesign of the Zombie chorus with some modification goodness thrown in, and, in our opinion, is the best version currently available. There are many Zombie Chorus layouts out there, but from our testing they all suffer from one distinct affliction: Clock tick. The Lich King Chorus has been designed with certain mitigation techniques to eliminate the clock ticking issues completely. The Lich King accepts a range of bbds and clocks: MN3007 and MN3207 (depending on jumper settings). To curtail the current supply problem (fake chip) prevalence of these 2 bbds, we recommend a cool audio v3207, it is in production and sounds fantastic in the Lich King. This pedal uses 2 standard pot controls, Rate and Depth, as well as two switches to change the sound of a 512 stage chorus (BOSS CE-1) or of a 1024 stage chorus (Small Clone) as well as a vibrato/chorus mode. There is also a trim pot that needs set to make this circuit to work to set the bias.

PCB Sizing: 1590B enclosure (with some planning) otherwise 125b.

Build Doc and Schematic

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