Turbo Driver - Supercharged Colorsound Overdriver

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Turbo Driver. Supercharged Colorsound Overdriver

Note: This is a pcb only project. PCB color may vary

Everything sounds better with more voltage, right? Tim the tool man Taylor would agree ...grunt... The Turbo driver is a fully discrete style of overdrive / fuzz, charge pumped to 18V for extra headroom. (Note: circuit is powered on 9v). This is the pedal David Gilmore used to shape his sound in the early days of Pink Floyd. With the added benefit of a volume control to tame the output, you can crank the gain on this baby up to overdriven bliss without losing your hearing, teeth fillings or apartment lease. Suffice to say, its loud.

The PCB will fit snug into a 1590B enclosure very easily.

Build Doc and Schematic