Meat Grinder Fuzz - Versatile FZ2 / Univox Hybrid

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Meat Grinder Fuzz - Versatile FZ2 / Univox Hybrid

A dirty octave up fuzz is what you need to complete your doom metal pedal board mission!

Inspired by the Univox and the FZ2 with loads more versatility.

This all-silicon transistor fuzz consists of many unique features: - several gain sections, - sine wave doubler to give a little extra somethin', - an adjustable hard-clipping section, - a versatile, scooping tone control.

Beginner Level of difficulty

Octave fuzzes, by default, can be very abrasive sounding. With the clipping control you can tame it.

The original univox superfuzz incorporated a Tone switch as the tone control for the effect. This has been converted to a vastly more versatile tone potentiometer, a bridged-Tee notch filter. This filter is not just the best logical choice for this circuit, but also adjusts the tonal characteristics of the circuit nicely in person.

The PCB is designed for a 125B enclosure or a 1590b with some planning.


Build Doc and Schematic

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