NAND ByPass - Simple Soft Touch Bypass Solution

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NAND ByPass - Simple Soft Touch Bypass Solution

A simple true-bypass solution using soft-touch stomp switches!

Have you ever seen inside a 3pdt stomp switch? The mechanical switching components are precise and well, quite complicated! Unfortunately, with a complicated mechanical device comes the risk of unreliability.

One common solution to this problem is to use a soft-touch footswitch. Then, outsource the mechanical switching component of the circuit to a more reliable relay. All this is controlled by a microcontroller

But... then you have to program that microcontroller. (sad face)

The DBE Nand Bypass is a true bypass solution that does not require a microcontroller and uses only discrete logic chips, no programming required! (happy face)

This project is beginner level as the part count is small and the PCB is spacious.

The PCB is designed for a 1590B enclosures or larger.


Build Doc and Schematic

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