**New** Super Siberian - More Tricks Than Your Average Siberian

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**New** Super Siberian - More Tricks Than Your Average Siberian

More tricks than your average Siberian

This highly adaptive project includes many build options (see list below). However, if your after something different, the project can also be built as a highly modified version of the Big Muff Pi circuit (The Super Siberian)

Non - modified builds

Perhaps you just want to build a straight up classic big muff pi or a green Russian sovtek, no mods, no thrills? Well, you can! (Bill of materials for each variant can be found on the following pages)

Green Super Siberian - Russian SovTek style with better bass response (in comparison to a classic big muff pi)
The Classic - A Big Muff Pi with classic sustaining fuzz tone
Isosceles - Triangle Big Muff style, vintage fuzz tone
Marveltone Distortion Sustainer - 73 Rams Head, Circle Face version
Colorsound - Supa ToneBender build

Modified Build

Or perhaps you want to build something. . .a little different. . .

Enter the Super Siberian. The Super Siberian takes the classic Big Muff Pi circuit and steps it up a notch:

- Clean Blend - A unique feature not often seen in fuzz circuits. Using a clean boost, mixes your clean signal with the Siberians effect output
- Gate - A voltage starve modification that can produce a gated velcro fuzz effect.
- Mid Control - A standard BMP tone control configuration tends to scoop the mids quite hard. The additional of a Mid control Allows finer adjustment of the BMP Tone stack, allowing you to return the mids back to the mix.

The Super Series

Its Super, thanks for asking.

This SUPER series pedal includes the added benefit of a compartmentalized layout and in-depth circuit analysis to help you learn not just how to build a pedal, but how it works!


Build Doc and Schematic

Super Siberian Videos

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