(1 Meters) 24 awg stranded wire - 6 Color Pack

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*** Price is for 1 meters of each colour = 6 meters of wire total

24 awg stranded wire
Color: All Colors

Wire diameter (AWG) is crucial for pedal building. If you are using wire that is too thick, you will end up with messy wiring and stray / frayed strands which can cause unreliability.

This wire is a good size for pedal wiring and the insulation is firm. It is the wire that I use. The conductor is tinned copper.

There are many factors that will determine how many pedals you could wire per meter (that's 1 meter of each of the 6 colors = 6 meters total), but you should able to build at least 2 pedals per meter, probably more. Lenght is "approx" 1 meter.