Unshaven Fuzz

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Unshaven Fuzz

Note: This is a pcb only project. PCB color may vary

Unruly, explosive and chaotic, The Unshaven fuzz has the old late 60's, early 70's splat and grit but keeps it all simple to control. Inspired by the Soda Meiser and Vintage Fuzz Master, this pedal uses 2 dial controls, Fuzz and Volume. The small PCB footprint makes the Unshaven a perfect candidate for a 1590A enclosure. For beginner builders it's recommended to avoid 1590a enclosures and build this effect inside a 1590b enclosure instead. Due to the small part count of a little over a dozen parts this project is quick and easy.

PCB Sizing: 1590A enclosure or larger

Build Doc and Schematic

Unshaven Fuzz Videos

Lets build a guitar pedal - The Unshaven Fuzz

Finishing Off The Unshaven Fuzz (Enclosure etc)

Unshaven Fuzz Modifications Sound Demo